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7th August 2014: NE Show Highlights and TGPS pupils wishes for Singapore



Wishing Singapore a Happy 49th Birthday..


1 Aug 2014 : S6 Cluster 'Hawker Culture and Heritage Exhibition

Read more about the Hawker Culture and Heritage Exhibition that our Primary 4 pupils were involved in, as part of the South Zone S6 Cluster's effort to commemorate Racial Harmony Day 2014 in Schoolbag, The Education News Site.

Our pupil presenters


Over at Teck Ghee Primary, Primary 4 students made delicious looking miniature clay food displays during their art lessons. Working in groups, they set up their own hawker stall using these clay food items, and in the process, learnt more about the different hawker food, the history behind each dish, and also how food can bring people together.

During our social studies lesson, we found out about the diverse cultural heritage that our early settlers had left in our food culture,” explained Primary 4 Diligence student Yap Jing Yee, “We also picked up interesting facts about some popular foods in Singapore during our research and conversations with our parents and grandparents.”

Check out 4 Diligence' pupils' works and presentation about their project here.


3 July 2013 : Minister of Education's Facebook comments on Teck Ghee Primary School

Education Minister Facebook Comment on Teck Ghee Primary School


"At Teck Ghee Primary, students enjoy the school’s aesthetics programmes. Indeed, we want every school to be a good school, with programmes that cater to the different interests and abilities of our children." - Minister of Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat.

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